The scar is healing really nicely.  It turns out that most of the grossness that I shared previously was actually from the surgical tape holding some of the crud against it.  The surgeon told me to go ahead and take off the tape, and after I did it looked MUCH better.

Scar?  What scar?

Life has generally gotten a little easier since my follow-up three days ago.  I can take normal showers now.  I don’t have to fuss around with bandages on my shoulder anymore, and I don’t worry as much about a little sweat.  And this may sound strange, but now that I’ve seen the hardware and how solid it all looks I feel a little less paranoid about somehow messing it up.

I still have random painful moments, where I need to take some Tylenol and go sit by myself for a bit.  They seem to happen mostly in the evenings.  I have never been a touchy-feely person but now I REALLY need my personal space, even when others are nowhere near my shoulder.  I can deal with it (I’m not beating people off with sticks or anything)  but it makes me pretty anxious.

Mentally I’m doing a lot better.  The walks are still helping a lot.  Definitely not the same as running, but I can’t overstate the importance for me of movement, fresh air and a change of scenery.  Getting dressed and making myself presentable has gotten a bit easier too.  The other day some family members and friends worked together so that I could get a blowout.  After not being able to style my hair properly for a month, it helped tremendously.




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