Five weeks post injury, Three-ish weeks post surgery

Last Thursday and Friday, I had to speak at a two-day, out-of-town conference.  I thought my biggest obstacles would be (1) getting there and (2) getting dressed.  I was able to solve those pretty easily.  But I didn’t appreciate just how tough it would be to sit in a normal chair, carry binders around and generally have to be “on” for so many hours at a stretch.  And of course, to answer the “what happened?” question about a zillion times.  Although I’m glad I toughed it out, I was completely destroyed when it was over.  Fortunately a quiet weekend at home helped me get back on track.

I am still getting out for walks almost every day.  I took my girls with me on a couple of walks this weekend.  My weekend mornings have been a lot more relaxed now that I don’t have to fit in long runs, and I’m really enjoying that.  I slept until almost 8 am on Sunday morning, which is practically lunchtime when compared to my normal schedule.

I still feel sad when I see my friends posting their long runs on Facebook and Strava.  But I think I’m more sad about missing out on the sense of accomplishment, the “look what I just did!” aspect, than the act of running itself.  I’m not sure how much of that is actually true and how much of it is a lie I tell myself to get through this layoff.  But I’ll go with it.

At this point I’m also a little afraid of running.  How much will my collarbone hurt?  How much fitness have I lost?  Will I be lopsided from weeks in the sling, and will that set me up for more injuries?  Will I be able to ramp up my training in time to run my half marathon?  Will all of my friends leave me in the dust?  (Many of them were leaving me in the dust even before this injury!)

On a more positive, less navel-gazing note, this Friday I can finally ditch the sling.   And more importantly, I can drive!  Which means my month of houseboundedness will be over.   I don’t know what I will do with all of my newfound freedom!


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