Weight Loss Update

When I realized that I wouldn’t be able to run for several weeks, one of my fears was gaining weight.  I knew that I would lose a substantial amount of fitness by not running for eight weeks, but I didn’t want to make things even harder on myself by having to cart around extra weight when I started running again.

In the month since my crash, I’ve lost a few pounds.  Even though I’m burning fewer calories, I’m also satisfied with a lot less food.  Initially I’m sure the weight loss had a lot to do with the trauma and the painkillers.  But I’m hardly taking anything now and my appetite is still much lower.  Plus, I no longer have that “I ran X miles, therefore treat yo self” mentality.  I have read so many articles about how distance running is not all that great for weight loss, and my experience in the last month seems to support that idea.

progress pic
January 2017 versus July 2017.  Down 12ish lbs.  Any difference in lighting/pose/whatever is completely unintentional. 

I have been at least loosely tracking what I’m eating and trying to stay below my much-reduced calorie output.  I temporarily abandoned sadness days, although now that things are a bit more normal I’ve gotten back to them.

I’m smaller than I’ve been in the last several years, and I wish I could say that I felt awesome.  But my general reaction is just “eh.”  I think/hope my relative inactivity and houseboundedness is a big part of that.  I never feel better about my body than when I’m pushing it to its limits, and I haven’t been able to do that for a month.  I also worry that some/most of the weight loss is muscle. But I took measurements as well and I’ve lost another couple of inches since I last took them.  Although I might have lost some muscle, I have probably lost some fat as well.

I fully expect to put a couple of pounds back on once I start running again.  For now, I’m mostly just relieved that I haven’t been gaining weight during this layoff.


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