Races I’m Thinking About

As of right now, the only races I’m signed up for are the Norfolk Harbor Half Marathon in November and the Shamrock Half Marathon in March.  But I’m thinking about lots and lots of races.  Such as:

Blue Ridge Half Marathon.  This is one of toughest road marathons (and half marathons) in the country.  It’s not just hilly, it’s mountain-y.  The course also goes within a few hundred feet of my in-laws’ house, so travel-wise it would be very convenient.  I like the idea of focusing on taking on such a challenging course and removing all pressure to PR/run a certain time.  Training for it will force me to do a lot of strength workouts and hill repeats, both of which can be a struggle for me.  Plus it’s really pretty.

Ragnar Trail Richmond.  I ran this race the first time that Ragnar did it in 2016.  It was my first relay, period, and the first trail relay for just about everyone on my team.  We had fun but made lots of newbie mistakes, so I like the idea of a do-over.  And because it’s in our backyard, lots of Richmond runners do this race, so it’s like a huge Richmond running party.  Because this race will almost certainly be the weekend after Blue Ridge, I would have to choose one or the other.

Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  Lots of people I know were signing up for it today, and I’m highly suggestible.  Plus vulnerable because I’m not running and  haven’t signed up for a race in a long time.  And I hear it’s a good race.  Do I really need a better reason?  Conflicts with the King Crab Challenge, below, and is the weekend after Ragnar Richmond.

King Crab Challenge.  This is a series of three races: the Frederick Half Marathon (May), the Baltimore 10-miler (June) and the Baltimore Marathon or Half Marathon (October).  If I complete all three, I get a giant medal.  Unlike some people (cough Other Liz cough) I’ve never been terribly motivated by medals.  But I have always like the idea of this series.  Another pro to the series is that I have family nearby all three races.  The downside is the level of commitment it would take.  I’ve just been reminded how quickly one’s race plans can go out the window, and committing to three longer distance races over a period of five months scares me quite a bit.  Also, it is very possible that the date for any one of these three races will conflict me out of doing something else I want to do.

I’m sure between now and spring I will find many more races that I want to do.  Which is why I am signing up for nothing, for now.  Too many times I have made the mistake of committing early and often.  None of these races is likely to sell out, so if I have to pay a little more for registration while ensuring my sanity, so be it.





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