Stuff I Learned During My Layoff

Tomorrow is my last day in the sling.   Hallelujah!  I am more than ready to bid it farewell.

I’m hopeful that the departure of the sling will mark my return to life as normal.  I’ll be able to drive again, which is huge.  I won’t have to answer the “what happened?” question a million times a day.

But there are a few changes that I made during my almost six weeks in the sling that I hope I can hang onto.

  • More sleep.  Because I haven’t been commuting, I’ve been going for walks after my husband takes the kids to school.  This means I’ve been waking up two hours later than I used to.  Don’t get me wrong; I love running with my fellow zombies (my running group’s term of endearment for pre-6 am runners) and I’m excited to get back to that.  But I think I can arrange it with my husband so I don’t HAVE to work out at 5 am every day.   Sleeping an hour or more later one or two days per week will make a difference.


  • More rest.  Yes this is different from sleep.  Before I got hurt, I dreaded rest days.  I would go through my entire day feeling “off,” I think because I was worried that I would (a) lose fitness; and (b) gain weight.  Intellectually I knew that was stupid, but I couldn’t shake it.   This forced layoff has shown me that it’s okay to rest, especially if it’s just one or two days a week.  I still don’t know just how much my fitness was affected, but I’ve been able to manage my weight just fine.  And a day or two is nothing when compared to eight weeks.   If anything it’s necessary to improve my fitness.


  • More relaxation.   Also different!  Prior to my injury,  I felt like I was constantly rushing to get everything done.  When I would get home from work, I felt like there was always a timer ticking in the background, seeing how quickly I could get through the dinner/bath/bedtime/prep for the next day routine, all so I could get to bed super early and do it all again the next day.  By rushing around I missed a lot of good times with the kids.  Since my injury I’ve still been moving things along, but I’m more relaxed about it.  The rushing around *might* save me 20 minutes a day, and that’s not worth it.  Our family time during the week is so brief, and I was missing a lot of it before.  I’ll make up the lost sleep on the day or two that I sleep later.  😉


  • More cooking.  When I put effort into meal planning, I manage it pretty well.  But my consistency stinks.  I’ll do well for a week or two and then it all goes to hell and we’re scrounging for heat-and-eat convenience foods or getting takeout.  Since I’ve been working from home, it’s been relatively easy to have dinner ready to go by the time my husband and kids get home.  Even on days when I didn’t have something specific planned, I’ve been able to work with what we had and put a reasonably healthy and edible meal on the table.  I’ve taken a lot of pride in doing that since it’s one of the ways I’ve been able to contribute the last few weeks.  Although it will obviously be harder when I’m not at home all day, I am hopeful that I’ve turned over a new leaf and can continue to plan and make good meals without losing my sanity in the process.

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