Recovery Milestones

Lots of recovery milestones in the last few days!

Last Friday was my first day out of the sling.  My left arm feels heavy and floppy, and extending my elbow kind of hurts.  All of that has more to do with being in the sling for six weeks than with the injury itself.  My collarbone doesn’t hurt most of the time and as of now the hardware isn’t bothering me.

I am back to driving short-ish distances, but I wouldn’t want to drive very far.  Using my left arm to turn the steering wheel is doable but hurts.  Which brings me to my next milestone: I’m starting physical therapy tomorrow.  I don’t have a prescription from my doctor yet, but I knew my PT would see me direct access for 30 days, and I’m assuming that I will get a prescription (I will push for one if not offered) at my final follow-up with the surgeon.  I want to do everything I can to get back as much functionality as possible as soon as possible.

Tomorrow I am back in the office after five weeks of working from home.  I never thought I’d be so glad to go back to the office.  There were certainly some positive aspects to working from home, but it was lonely and often dull.

Even though I had access to a car all weekend, I didn’t go to the gym.  The weather was beautiful and I’ve really been enjoying my walks, so I stuck with that.  Without the sling I was able to walk a little bit farther and a little bit faster than I had been.


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